Pohevitz signed with CSU Fullerton on National Signing Day, Feb. 3 2016.
Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Varsity soccer player Hailey Pohevitz signs with Cal State Fullerton

Since the age of four, senior Hailey Pohevitz has been dribbling a soccer ball down the field and her long-term commitment has had an incredible result.

On National Signing Day, Pohevitz signed with Cal State Fullerton. Signing with Fullerton will bring a bright future for her as she spends the next four years of college proving herself as a capable student and athlete.

“I feel blessed to receive a scholarship,” said Pohevitz, who plays center mid.  “All the years of playing soccer and all the money that my parents and grandparents spent has paid off.”

Pohevitz practices every day after school with the Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) varsity soccer team. In club season, however, she practices two or three times a week and her weekends are often spent playing games with her club team.

“Practice is always at a high pace and intensity. We work on shooting, movement with and without the ball, and reading the game,” said Pohevitz, who is the photo editor of both The Pearl Post and Prestige Yearbook.

Though Pohevitz loves soccer now, she admits that at one point she had to decide between playing soccer and running track.

“I used to run track as well as play soccer, but after I started high school, my sports career got busier,” Pohevitz said. “I had to make a choice between the two, and I chose soccer.”

Pohevitz’s family plays a big role in her continuation in soccer and her relentless determination. In her downtime, she spends as much time as she can with her friends and family since her college agenda will be brimming with responsibility.

“My grandma, my parents, and the United States Women’s National Soccer Team definitely serve as my inspirations,” said Pohevitz, whose soccer role model is Sydney Leroux.

Both friends and family have watched Pohevtiz demonstrate her skills on the field. Junior varsity soccer player Denver Hill says she feels very encouraged to be on the same team as Pohevitz, who offers constructive advice for anyone who needs it.

“Hailey is an amazing player and she makes smart decisions. She is very experienced with the sport and it definitely shows on the field,” Hill said.

In Fullerton, Pohevitz will have to divide her time between soccer and classes. She plans on studying criminal justice in order to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the future.

“My ultimate goal is to go to the National Women’s Soccer League,” Pohevitz said.

Though Pohevitz has sacrificed many weekends and afternoons for practices and games, her dedication has been worthwhile. Her goal isn’t too far from her fingertips, either.

“You never know who’s watching you, so you always have to perform at your best,” Pohevitz said.


Pohevitz signing with CSU Fullerton.
Pohevitz signing with CSU Fullerton.