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YouTuber of the month: Chris Klemens

The video begins and a bleached-blond 22-year-old man stands on the corner of a busy New York intersection with a camera, microphone and a question.

Chris Klemens is an American YouTuber that has been gaining a larger audience since he first began publishing videos in December 2012. He is slowly edging his way towards having 100,000 subscribers or “Klementines,” as he calls his various supporters.

Klemens posts videos on his self-titled channel every Sunday in which he interviews random people on the streets of New York City. Each video begins with his well-known saying, “Welcome to the dysfunction that is my channel.”

Outside of YouTube, Klemens is an amateur photographer of musicians, street photography, etc. Some of his photos have been published on his photography website and one photo has been published in U.S. Weekly.

Klemens also has an online clothing line called “Bent” that can be seen and purchased from District Lines. He designs and sells caps, crewnecks and t-shirts that have gathered popularity among hipstery teens and supporters. The products are currently on sale and are all under $40, making his clothes fashionable and affordable.

On occasion, he will produce comedic sketches, tags, challenges, pranks and vlogs. Klemens is known for his approachable and relatable personality, and his funny drunk stories that appear quite often on either his channel or his Snapchat.

Whether or not Klemens will continue to pursue YouTube as a career is still unknown. For the time being, he appears to be happy with his growing internet popularity.