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Benefits and disadvantages of being a content creator

Being a content creator can be successful; however, it is a risk.
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Henry Liu

June 7, 2022
Many people believe the only way to get ahead in life is to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. What about those who chose a different path?

An example of this includes people who stream and make YouTube videos. Many content creators are college dropouts, and some didn’t even finish high school such as MrBeast, Pewdiepie, and Jake Paul. Many of these Twitch streamers and YouTubers are people who dropped out or never went to college, and yet they are more successful than the average person. 

What powers these day-to-day role models is the content they put out. People tend to lean toward content creators who are entertaining, such as comedians or gamers. A great example of this was the YouTuber, MrBeast.

According to Rolling Stone, MrBeast made $54 million in 2021 from his primary Youtube channel. MrBeast does lots of challenge videos such as “Squid Game” in real life or Extreme $1,000,000 Hide-and-Seek. Almost every video of his involves spending lots of money, and yet, he earns more than he burns. 

Many YouTubers actually enjoy their jobs, interacting with their viewers and making videos that they like to make, such as gaming or music. Does this mean that becoming a content creator is a dream job where you can make money while doing something you love? Not necessarily. 

Becoming a content creator may be free; however, it is a gamble. It is hard work and there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed. You need lots of recognition and luck to pull off creating content for sites like YouTube. Content creators need to keep up with the algorithm all the time.

Some great examples of content creators who lost their fame in time were PoppularMMOs, SkydoesMinecraft and Stampylonghead. All three of these Minecraft Youtubers were once at the peak of their careers making lots of money. 

According to Google trends, all three of these YouTubers had a large spike at first as the game Minecraft was at its peak popularity from 2012 to 2013; however, they started to go down in YouTube searches. Their channel’s views went down for different reasons. One reason is the Minecraft hype started to die down. Also, Stampy’s content started to become more and more outdated as time went on; PopularMMOs and SkydoesMinecraft were no different. 

Being a content creator can be successful; however, it is a risk. You are not guaranteed millions of money and views, even when you work your heart out for it.