(Image courtesy of Scarlett Wang)
Diamond Bar High School

Message to my next president: Focus on climate change

Dear future president,

During the next four years of your presidency, I wish you can notice the seriousness of our environmental health. We have been through many serious events in the year 2020, like BlackLivesMatter, the pandemic, tension with Iran, the Australian wildfire and the California wildfire.

In the past couple of years due to human activities we have seen icebergs melting, forest wildfires, droughts, pollution, sea level rising and many other tragic results. While all of the topics are important, there is one thing that needs your attention — climate change. 

Not everyone is noticing the seriousness of climate change. Most of us have been neglecting it.

Human activities release heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the environment. Which results in global warming, direct impacts on glaciers, extreme weathers, natural disasters, ocean acidification and global health problems. About 20,000 years ago, the global sea level was more than 400 feet lower than today’s current sea level.

America is one of the world’s strongest countries. I hope our next president can lead the world and be an influencer among other countries to make our planet a better place.

For that to happen, we first need to cut down carbon emissions. America is actually ranked the second highest in carbon dioxide emissions. Next up, we need to invest in technology and innovation that makes alternative sources of energy cheap and available for every country.

To achieve sustainability, we need an economy that focuses on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. The next two actions are extremely important.

The government must set up regulations and policies against polluters and end fossil fuel subsidies to big oil companies. The government should also invest in educating the public about climate change. Lastly, we need to cooperate in these efforts to combat climate change and require all the countries to come together regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. 

If we do not take these actions, our climate will only get worse and worse.

Not too long ago, I experienced the California wildfire. This fire not only destroyed many habitats but also contributed more carbon dioxide into the environment. The air quality was terrible in those few days. We had to close all our windows, so none of the ashes would come in. Once the fire was controlled and put down, my backyard was full of ashes that were blown down from the fire.

Another real-life experience is that whenever I go back to China, my throat will always be tight throughout the trip. After we’re done with the trip and back in America, I noticed I don’t cough as much as in China. 

Future president, we are depending on you to make the change, to take action against climate change. There is no more time to waste.

Thank you,

Scarlett Wang

Diamond Bar High School

Diamond Bar, CA