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Opinion: Be mindful of what you consume

Many people can agree that this past year has been filled with both chaos and change. With the spread of COVID-19, everyone has had to cope at home, quarantined and socially distanced from others. Because of this pandemic, it is easy for individuals to develop bad habits. What are those negative habits, and how can people stop themselves from molding them into a pattern?

How can individuals learn to improve their health during this challenging time, both physically and mentally? Some simple answers to this are staying away from damaging media, being physically active, and studying hard for the future.

Mental health is an essential factor in being motivated and happy. To have a stable, healthy mindset, individuals should be trying their best to have a routine sleep schedule, healthy diet, and productive workout agenda. To achieve a balanced lifestyle, people need to consider what they are consuming. This statement does not merely reference food; it includes what individuals read, watch, and listen to. Everything that we consume influences us on a conscious or subconscious level.

A lot of negative news has come from the media, even more since this pandemic and other catastrophic events occurred. The United States people are in distress with all the negativity that affected their loved ones or even themselves directly.

Many individuals have fallen into the trap of continually listening to the news, particularly the news of the COVID-19 crisis. It is critical to understand that with staying up to date on the number of deaths and losses, individuals should stop focusing on those details and be educated on situations to change themselves and other things for the better.

The pandemic has been stressful for many people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Increased stress in a person’s daily life affects their mindset and most of their actions.

Individuals are not aware that they often focus on those negative headlines instead of the positive news. 

To reiterate: staying up to date is very important, but being consumed by negative headlines and news is traumatizing. 

Furthermore, stress due to negativity affects an individual’s mental health by causing sleep deprivation and eating disorders. By understanding this, individuals could start bettering their health by watching inspiring positive news to get motivated. Such examples would be reading articles about physical activity.

According to the World Health Organization, “regular physical activity benefits both the body and mind.” It is stated that exercise can reduce both blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

Also, YouTube channels, like Some Good News, have helped support mental health by spreading positive messages. Understanding that consuming good psychological and physical nutrition can help people no matter each person’s state.