Opinion: Mueller’s hearings stoke current political climate

Two House committees questioned Robert Mueller on July 24 regarding his report on Russian interference. The hearings stoked the flames in our political landscape.

The report itself is widely accessible and easily understandable; since April 2019, the redacted version has been published by the Department of Justice, online repositories and various news outlets.

Mueller spent much time directing representatives to his report instead of answering questions directly. Some notable remarks include his testimony that President Donald Trump’s written responses were generally untruthful and incomplete.

Regarding Russian interference, he asserted that they have interfered in the 2016 elections, they continue to interfere in domestic matters and will continue to do so. He also said other nations are also developing similar capabilities.

He also reiterated that his report did not exonerate or exculpate the president.

What he didn’t say was also quite important; he refused to discuss impeachment or even use the word. However, by confirming that former presidents can be indicted, he suggests possible future action.

We can only speculate how the political landscape will fare in even as little as a year from now.  For now, it’s clear that the current dialogue is getting more and more intense, as seen in the Democratic debates.

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