Dorsey High School


If someone told me the mental and physical stress of my senior year, I would have told them NO thanks.

Senior year, we go in knowing we are finally done with high school. 

We leave behind the friends we shared tears of laughter and tears of pain.

We leave behind the enemies we may never know we hated.

What we did not realize is we are departing the self, we have once grown accustom to.

The self who got comfortable in the walls of our high school.

The self who grew accustomed to the same familiar six teachers who we learned from or learned to hate.

But we depart the giddy child who we once were and mature into a young adult.

A young adult who must leave behind the friends who haven’t blossomed into maturity.

Scary, not having the faces we have loved for the past four years and venture into a new world were we must start again in building relationships for four more years.

We now leave behind those who annoyingly slacked and goofed in class to those may be even more mature and educated than us.

So yeah, you can save that stress for somebody else!