Dorsey High School

Poem: Discipline

Discipline we think of it as a bad thing, a way to punish.

Discipline is a word with great power. A word with perfection, with just.

The word discipline takes our minds to a place where a parent corrects a child. A soldier, standing strong and proud.

Discipline shows a teenager there are differences between temporary and eternally.

Discipline teaches boundaries and limitations.

Discipline shows how to obey and respect. Discipline shows how to love yourself.

Discipline comes with manners. Manners that shows a woman how to talk to a man.

Discipline guides a woman how to carry herself.

Discipline allows you to take control.

Discipline allows respect to be given and respect to be deserved.

Discipline has taught me to be happy with who I am, to be happy with the life that I live, and to be happy with what I have.