Dorsey High School

Encouragement to myself

Earlier this week, a recruitment administration officer for Emerson College came to my school. My video production teacher is currently working on a program that pipelines Dorsey’s film and media students into Emerson, a program that’s taking flight due to the lack of African American attendance rate at this prestigious university.

When was I first introduced to the administration officer, I was overjoyed. My heart raced, my breathing quickened and I was greatly intrigued. My heart began to break when he first asked me about my other college options, as he continued speaking to me about my background, his tone changed from friendly to instructional.

He told me how great the other schools were and how bright my future will be. As the day continued, I was told to take care of the officer and show him around the school, which I did. He also needed me to help him find the other Dorsey student who also applied to Emerson, which I did. They met and I found out that the other student indeed got accepted onsite. My heart shattered.

Rubbing even more salt on my wound, the administration officer continued his journey at Dorsey with me as his guide. He continuously spoke on my intelligence and bright future, but not my acceptance to Emerson. Due to feeling down and unaccomplished, I wrote myself a reminder:

I may not be the smartest. But I am the most confident. Confident that I will not have to have the last word rather my work and dedication will define me.

I may not be the smartest with the 4.0 GPA but my 3.4 does not define my quality of my mindset.

Many times the world judges me for the color of my skin and my lack of standard English. But the knowledge and dreams within me, define me.

Today, I declare that I will be defined by my best effort in my work, my mindset, my intellect and my willingness to push myself harder.

Never being separated from the greatest love that guides me. I am granted hope, and in this hope, patience for the colleges that I dream to go to will soon accept me.