Dorsey High School


All these moments of my life I feel as though I have been pressured.

I do not want to let my momma down.

I do not want to let down my grandparents.

I do not want the decisions I make now, to ruin my future.

Most importantly I do not want to let myself down.

I have been balancing procrastination with confusion.

I’ve been fixed on what decisions now affect my future, that I have lost ear to those who has been placed in my life to help guide me.

The pressure that continues day to day has trickled down to my heart, has turned into indecisiveness in my mind.

Too afraid to let circumstances hurt me, I have forgotten nothing will be put on me that I can not bear.

Instead I will build and learn.

The lesson I have learned at an early age was to never let temporal hardships, deteriorate my everlasting peace.

Peace that I will gain with a brilliant smile, that will transpire onto the ones who surrounds me.