Dorsey High School


I pray for wisdom. I pray to trust my wisdom.
Wisdom that leads me to the right decisions. Decifer between right and wrong. Wisdom that allows me to read in between the lies and truths of man.
Wisdom that comforts me through the scary nights. The wisdom that corrects my thoughts.
Wisdom that reaches beyond man but helps man. I pray for wisdom that only God can bestow in me. Wisdom that speaks to me, telling me that I know better.
I pray that God places people in my life who do not feel threatened by my wisdom.
I pray for wisdom that I do not mistake for arrogance but confidence. Confidence in my wisdom. Confident I will not lead myself in dangerous situations. Confident that my wisdom will not lead me to fail.
Confident my wisdom will only lead me to no’s that I know means, not optional right now.
I pray for wisdom that allows me to speak to the masses and understand what they need.
Wisdom that makes me strong in who and what made me. Wise enough to know who and what tries to change me will only be a stepping stone, a lesson.
A lesson that will only strengthen me, because the wisdom I seek for is of God.