(Photo by Kevin Camargo)
East Los Angeles College

‘Movies at the Park’ concludes in South Gate

Every summer, the City of South Gate projects five family movies, one for each week, in the Golf Course. This year, the event started on Aug. 4 and went on every Friday until Sept. 1. The movies were either a live-action movie or an animated movie such as “The Jungle Book” or “The Secret Life of Pets.”

“We want popular movies [and] family-friendly movies,” said Armando Ayala, a South Gate Recreation Coordinator. “We just want movies that we think the community will enjoy.”

The event has free entrance and the audience ranges from 250-300 people from the community every week. People usually bring their own food and drinks, but there is a snack bar for those who want to buy any food or drinks.

“It’s nice because you can come and watch a movie with your family,” said Dayanara Zaragoza, a South Gate resident who has attended the event with her family for the second year. “No one messes with you. They come to watch [the] movie, they bring their food, their snacks and they focus on the movie.”

Zaragoza first found out about the event because she took her son to baseball practice and noticed the big screens. She hopes that this event can reach more people who live in the community.

Due to the event being a summer only event, people might want more movies during holidays such as Halloween or Christmas. On the other hand, South Gate has more events planned for those days, including a Halloween Haunt event and Breakfast with Santa Claus.

“We always invite families to come out and have a good time with us and participate in the [events]; [we] welcome everyone in the community and surrounding areas,” Ayala said.

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