East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy

About my life

Daniel Zapien is a 16-year-old student at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. He currently lives in East Los Angeles and in school he focuses on improving the city. It is called Urban Planning and Design and it is a very cool subject.

He is a very unique person because unlike others he is into a lot of things. He likes drift style, drag style, lowrider style, and truck style. His world revolves around cars because that all he is into.

His claim to fame would be more than one: it would be to fix the best cars, start the biggest tandem in the world, get sponsored by a BMX brand, and hop a lowrider at the highest. All that should lead to a pretty awesome life for him.

His most important accomplishments are be the youngest of his friends to have a BMX in 2013. He got honor roll in elementary and finished two full meals of 1st street burgers. The most recent accomplishment was helping out a restaurant with normal work.

His future goals are to finish his BMX bike that he is currently fixing up and get a car. He wants to learn some new tricks and get out of my comfort zone.

His later goals are get into college and graduate. Then he wants to get married and find a house with cool things in the backyard.

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