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Immigration & family

They say family is one of the best things in life, and it truly is, but what about the ones you can’t see. It’s possible to have family everywhere, but in my case, they are in Mexico. Unfortunately many people, including my family, are scared to come to America because of Donald Trump.

Picture this, your family is having dinner and everything is great until you hear a bang on the door. You answer the door and it is ICE coming to take most of your family members away to send them back the country they came from. It’s a terrible image but that’s what happens in most cases and that’s what a lot of people fear. Some people are afraid to walk outside when they see cops because they think that the police knows that they are immigrants.

People work hard to be a part of this society. They are forced to commit crimes, such as changing their identities and getting new social security numbers, just to make a living. Most people work in construction and risk their life every day to get some money to raise a family; I know a lot of people who have done that. They work as hard as they can to get money for food and clothes. Why take away immigrant’s rights when they come to America for a better life? That’s a question I will always think about.

A country without immigrants would be very off balanced because jobs will be open and there will not be enough people to fill the open spaces. Immigrants are what makes America so great. They are the reason the economy is getting better. So why is one person telling us to make America great again when it already is?