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1st Street Burgers

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It’s juicy, soft, tender, and warm inside your mouth. The 1st Street Burgers’ double-cheeseburger combo is one of the classic orders out of hundreds to choose from. Standing 40 years strong, 1st Street Burgers was built in 1976 with many other vintage restaurants like Tom’s and Troy’s burger joints. But ever since, East Los Angeles began losing other restaurants due to owners retiring and leases expiring.

In my 18 years in East Los Angeles there has not been one day of the week I didn’t  go to 1st Street Burgers to purchase a double-cheeseburger combo. My family and I find it to be a classic burger joint to get a bite to eat and have some quality time. The atmosphere is positive. The co-workers are always talking to the customers and satisfying all their needs. Overall, it is a positive place to eat. You can also sit outside in the shade and just look down 1st Street to admire the view of the local businesses. There’s also graffiti art all around 1st Street’s parking structure, giving it a taste of East L.A.

A couple of years ago, 1st Street Burgers had some remodeling done outside of the restaurant. I say this because it used to be kind of vintage with dull colors and an old sign too, but it wanted to keep up to date with the 21st century. So, they ended up painting the restaurant colors of the rainbow to catch people’s attention. They also enlarged the sign to a much bigger font, but kept it classy and simple.

Have you ever had family over looking for something to munch on? You can always take them down to 1st Street Burger and order the “family pack.” That’s the pack my family always gets because it gives two additional burgers–one for me and one for my brother. 1st Street Burgers is not only known for family lunches and dinners, but also one of the best breakfast plates. My grandparents have been eating there for over 20 years, and I’ve ate breakfast there a couple of times too. The breakfast burrito is just basically “Norms” in a flour tortilla. It’s usually packed in the mornings because many elders go and get a platter and coffee, just like my grandparents.

Overall, 1st Street Burgers is a legendary landmark. All my friends usually recommend going there to get a bite and hang out. Whenever you pass by the restaurant, you will see it has a packed lot. Within 50 feet of the place, you will smell the 100% Angus beef patties on the grill sizzling, making you want to turn back around and order a hamburger to go. I myself want a burger from 1st Street Burgers right now. Last but not least, I like how you can call and place an order for pick up and carry on with the rest of your day.

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