East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A cheerleader and gamer with a big dream in a small world

Cesar Gonzalez is a senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. It is one of the five schools on campus of Torres High School.

During his 10th and 11th grade years, he was a magnificent cheerleader. He would practice his tumbling skills at least 12 hours a week. It was the passion of his team that allowed Gonzalez to become the strong cheerleader and person he is today. It is because of this that he thrives best in groups; his drive is only as potent as the people he surrounds himself with.

Gonzalez is also an avid video game player in the following games: “Clash of Clans,” “Clash Royale,” “Grand Theft Auto 5” and all the “Call of Duty” games. He likes to play video games with his friends, but sometimes on his own.

In his free time he likes to make food, watch videos on YouTube or watch movies on Netflix.

He is currently working with his classmates and Public Matters, on an East L.A. project. They walk down the streets of Broadway and Hill to see the history of downtown Los Angeles and how it has changed. They’ve also talk about how they can make it better for the people who work and live there now.

Gonzalez’s future goals after high school is to attend community college where he will earn his AA, where he will decide whether he wants to go into game design, culinary or architecture. Then he will transfer to a four-year university.