East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A curious person

Celina Mendez is a junior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy.

Being the middle child is hard for her because she is expected to attend college like her two older siblings and also set an example for her younger siblings. Also coming from immigrant parents is a priority for her to attend college.

She wishes that one day her parents won’t have to work and she will be able to maintain them.

She is currently looking forward to working with HS Insider.

She likes reading mushy romantic novels, listening to music and playing basketball. She is in love with what nature has to offer. She loves when the wind ruffles the leaves in the trees, it’s all so serene.

She plans to attend NYU one day and obtain a master’s degree in psychology. Her main goal as of right now is graduating from high school.

She was inspired to be a social worker when she realized how cruel the world is to children. She felt like she could make a change, although you can’t be a hero to everyone who is hurting. She says if she can change just one person’s life it would mean the world to her.

Growing up she had to overcome many obstacles, this motivates her to help others overcome obstacles too in the future. Her motto is to live like there is no tomorrow.

She is a curious person, always wanting to discover new things and absorb things. She believes that life has a lot to offer and anything is possible if you are dedicated and work towards the impossible.

She loves photography, she plans to buy a professional camera. She believes that a photo beholds forever memories.

She enjoys car rides, feeling the fresh air on her face, and the wind fluttering through her hair. One of her favorite quotes of all time is from Johnny Depp: “May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.”

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