East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A daydreamer who loves California

Annai Elizabeth Diaz is a junior at Esteban E. Torres High School attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (ELARA). She was born on Jan. 23, 2001, raised in a not very friendly environment in East Los Angeles.

She focuses on her studies and doesn’t get involved in things that can possibly affect her while she is growing up and learning. Everyday she daydreams about her future and wonders how she will end up. Her dream is to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara and study Urban Planning.

She is starting her junior year with two AP classes and participating leadership. She doesn’t want to disappoint her family and tries very hard to accomplish the things she wants to do in her years of high school.

So far, Diaz is always staying up late to catch up with her work and complete all her assignments. Her mentality is that everyday will be worth it in the end, all this hard work will pay off and she will be proud of herself.

She loves the culture and style of the ’80s and enjoys the company of her friends. She likes to socialize, in other words, she is participating in activities, clubs, and is not really shy around people and is kind towards them.

When Diaz is alone, she just thinks about her life and makes sure she is doing everything right. She wants to be in the right path, and doesn’t really want to have any distractions.

When she has free time, she watches makeup tutorials and is on social media. However, she is mostly resting and getting her energy back because she knows she will have more work later on.

Diaz gets entertained by browsing through fashion and the beauty of 2017. She is a daydreamer, dreams a lot when she is sleeping and awake, wondering about her future and if her dreams will come true.