East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A dreamer, believer, and achiever

Jessica Perez is known for being a goofy, outgoing, and emotional person. She is a great friend, awesome student, and a respectful leader.

Perez has many sides to her, she has an amazing personality and when she wants something she makes sure she goes for it.

She is that type of person that has a laugh that can make another person laugh; it’s one of the effects she has on people. She just likes to make people smile and feel important.

She is a 17-year-old girl who has accomplished culminating both elementary school and middle school on stage. She has accomplished passing all her classes with A’s and B’s and has been a perfect leadership student for the past two years of her high school education.

Perez is currently attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy of Urban planning and Design, located inside Esteban E. Torres High School campus and is in her junior year. What makes her stand out from other students is that she has an active imagination and is as loud as a mockingbird.

Her future goal is to graduate high school with her cap and gown and walk across stage to receive her diploma. Another future goal is to move to Utah and attend college there, she wants to become a successful veterinarian because she is an animal lover and wants to save the lives of all the animals in need.

Once Perez is done with college, she will work in an animal clinic and live in a two-bedroom apartment with the view of a park.