ELARA, Renaissance A girl from East Los Angeles – HS Insider
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A girl from East Los Angeles

Kimberly Castaneda was born and raised in El Sereno and later moved to East Los Angeles. She attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the five schools in Esteban E. Torres.

She is a loving, caring, curious, and an enthusiastic person. She enjoys reading and writing. Ever since she was in the fourth grade she loved writing about everything and anything.

Some of her most important accomplishments she has had were passing Spanish and Geometry since math has always been a struggle for her and starting her junior year right, not missing assignments and getting good grades.

Castaneda is currently working with the LA Times’ HS Insider. She’s taking this opportunity to improve in her writing skills and write a few articles of her own.

She understands that she will have to make some sacrifices to achieve her goals. She wants to follow her brother’s footsteps since he was the first in the family to graduate high school and attend college.

Castaneda hopes to make her parents proud, graduate high school and attend college as well. Her aspirations for the future are to get her college diploma, be a social worker and help foster kids get out of abusive homes, and have a happy and loving family.

She knows she will have to study extra hard to achieve her goal of being a social worker.

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