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A girl who loves soap operas

Guadalupe Gámez attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Esteban E. Torres High School.

Guadalupe, 17, loves to discover new things and goes on to adventures that makes her forget about all her problems. She loves to eat Mexican food, which makes her stomach smile from here to the moon and back.

Most of the time she spends time with her family because her family is the most important people in her life.

In elementary school, she won so many certificates and trophies for perfect attendance and advanced in reading.

Gámez loves watching soap operas because they reflect exactly what happens out in the real world. She loves helping others with nothing in exchange and realizes that with her helping others, it could benefit her in the future and great things can come your way.

Her passion about life is amazing because she sees the world around her as a great community where she fits in and respects the people around her. To her, East Los Angeles is a community where Latinos are proud to be who they are and have an amazing culture where people celebrate their traditions in a way that only Latinos can.

Family to Guadalupe is the most important thing to her, she knows that without her family, she wouldn’t be where she is now and is forever thankful for them.

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