East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A hardware store in East L.A.

Established by James Croman in 1947, the Brooklyn Hardware on Cesar Chavez and Gage Avenues has been around for a while now and it’s very valuable to the people in the community.

In 1973, the hardware store was taken over by Michael Chromen. He still wanted the strong bonds with the community.

The Brooklyn Hardware has been known for their great customer service. They almost always have what customers need, when they need it. They offer in-home service for glass and screen work. They also have plumbing, electrical, paint, paint sundries, fasteners, plants, and a wide variety of household needs.

The store communicates with the community and makes them feel welcome.

The store symbolizes union because the owner of the store at the time was known as the translator for the people since he was bilingual, which brought them more united and it established strong bonds with people from the community. It also symbolizes Mexican Culture because they have Mexican paintings inside the store. The people who work at the store are hardworking.

The store has helpful and friendly people, and it’s convenient. They’re helpful because they always help you with the item you need to find or are looking for. They are friendly because they want you to buy their products but at the same time they welcome you. It’s convenient because they have variety of items in which fit your budget.

The store is very valuable to my community because it’s the nearest hardware store, and they offer items that you might not find somewhere else with better prices. If you could find those items, you can find them here a bit cheaper.

Brooklyn Hardware is unique to East L.A. because it been here for a long time, proving hardware items and selling their items at a convenient price. The fact that it’s been here for a long time connects the community.

Brooklyn Hardware is an important landmark that people should go and visit because it’s valuable to our community and has lots of history. The Mexican culture is also reflected because the owner, who was bilingual, brought the Mexican community to the store.