East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A little bit about me

Victor Garcia is a Mexican teenager who was raised in Tijuana, Mexico. He’s someone who arrived to this country to have a better life and a better future.

He had a firm mindset of experiencing different things, people and culture. Now he lives in East Los Angeles located in area where there are many gang bangers and violence too.

Besides the negative vibes, there are also many good benefits about East L.A. that we could take advantage of. For example this community requires many help for students; we have a community college called ELAC which will help students that struggle financially.

He attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy and ready to attend a university as well. His dream is to be a successful architect and be known as the Mexican teen who came to this country to make a better of his life. Other than that he shares an inspiration for soccer.

He has loved soccer since he was a little kid because his dad coached a team and came up with the idea to be into soccer. He plays for his school and is captain of the junior varsity team, and he has the big responsibility to keep on track of the team in order to take a win. In his free time he’s a barber.

He aspires to have a stable job because he wants to help his parents economically and of course help himself. Garcia is looking forward to go to college so in the future he could have a successful life. He wants to achieve many other goals.

It hurt him leaving the country he lived for 13 years because he knew the consequence he was going to face. For example he knew he wasn’t going to see his friends and family anymore, therefore when he arrived to this country he knew he had to set a goal for himself in order to make his parents proud of him.

He has accomplished many goals he has on a list, and the last one is to be a professional and successful architect.