East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

A small girl from East Los Angeles

Dennise Mayorquin is currently a junior at Esteban E. Torres High School at the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (ELARA). Something that makes her different is that her hair is half brown and half blonde.

She was born in Wildomar but she was raised in East Los Angeles. Mayorquin was born on Jan. 19, 2001 and is now 16 years old.

She has been wearing glasses since the sixth grade but she really dislikes them because she thinks they are annoying.

She lives by City Terrace on a big street, which means that she can hear a lot of cars pass by. A lot of people also pass by on her street because two houses down from her house, there’s a small business that sells clothes. There is also a taco truck behind her house so around four in the afternoon, she can start smelling the tacos.

Her family and closest friends are extremely important to her. She likes being around kids, especially babies. Her dream job is to become a doctor, more specifically a pediatrician because she wants to help kids.

Her future goals are to graduate from high school and college with good grades, not barely.

She and a few other juniors from the same academy are in the Los Angeles Service Academy (LASA). Her current work is with HS insider and LASA.

Some of the accomplishments she’s proud of are being named student of the month twice and maintaining excellent grades. Another accomplishment she has is winning first place with her group in Girls Build LA last school year (2016-2017).

She doesn’t really have a favorite subject but she usually finds math easy. She usually likes helping people with their school work.

During her free time she likes listening to music and watching shows on Netflix. Her favorite artist is Eminem, but she enjoys listening to any type of music except country.