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Affirmative action, do I support it?

Nobody should be different based on the color of their skin.

No, this isn’t one of those stories. There is a thing called affirmative action, which is a policy stating that people from certain disadvantaged groups are to be favored when picking people to be hired, or incoming classes at different colleges. Although it has been outlawed in certain states, I don’t doubt that it is still happening.

I believe that when deciding whether someone should be let in based on their skin color, that person loses their humanity and instead becomes nothing more than a trophy to parade in front of others. We are humans and deserve the respect of being seen one.

I know that there are very wide gaps between different races in terms of academic and professional positions, it is very easy to see. In the past decades I agree that these types of programs were needed to allow oppressed minority groups gain a foothold in the area of a higher education which would allow them to fight back against their oppressors. The times have changed though.

It’s a new era, with new people. Granted not all of them are perfect, but the new generation that took over isn’t looking to oppress these minority groups. There have been giant strides made to amend those past wrongs, and even now there are still new programs being created to aid these groups in recovering and helping them get out of their social and economic problems. Now it’s a different time, and I assumed that we would have figured out that when certain races are favored, it puts other races at a disadvantage, and I’m not just talking about whites.

In a study done at Princeton University, it was found that a low number of Asian students attend Princeton. It has remained in a 13-16% cap according to the New York Times article. They reported that the number of Asian students hasn’t grown much over the past decades.

How is it that he the number of incoming Asians doesn’t grow or fall all of this time, and is kept at nearly the same number? It’s ridiculous. Students that have higher grades are getting pushed out to make way for other students that are considered of more importance, because of their skin. I know that people of other races aren’t presented with many opportunities, but we can’t let people get the opportunity of college taken away because of the skin that they have.

I hope that I am successful based on what my work and grades are. I find it cheap to succeed based on your skin if I get accepted into college based on my skin than all of accomplishments don’t really mean anything.

Everything I worked will ultimately be thrown away because of my skin. I want to succeed based on my accomplishments, not my appearance.  Not the color of my skin. I hope others begin to realize we are human beings and not just subjects meant to fill a certain quota.