East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Alicia Morales, owner of Maravilla Meat Market

Alicia Morales, owner of the Maravilla Meat Market, has been in business for over nine years. She is considered a celebrity to the East L.A. community because she is well-known and has not only helped people through her store, but also when she’s out in the community. She gives food out to people who need it the most. Alicia would be considered a celebrity outside this community because she considers herself the Queen of East L.A., and if you want to be a queen, you need to be a pretty big deal and be known by everyone. If she were in any other community, she could just say what she has done for her home, and eventually word would get out and everyone would know her as the Queen of East L.A.

The most interesting thing about Alicia is that she has been running her business for her family, so she can to give them be best that she can. It’s also quite intriguing that she not only focuses on herself, but also notices how her community has changed throughout the years. She has seen the vandalism and illegal activity come and go. Sometimes it is calm and other times there’s a lot of illegal stuff going on. At the end of the day, she is the queen of her family because all she does is for the people she loves.

Alicia Morales is a person who is very courageous because she has been able to stand up for her community and help out through the years. Alicia is an important person to this community because she has contributed a lot to this community by making it better. She was able to become friends with her customers. Alicia is a powerful person people admire. I find that interesting because here in East L.A., it’s hard to see that there are a lot of people who contribute to this community. It’s interesting to see how people who got to this city with nothing made it to the top, and still manage to give to our community.

The reason why I chose this celebrity is because I admire her. She has helped out a lot and makes me feel good about myself. She makes me feel more important while living in East L.A. Alicia is a good person. She is the celebrity I chose because every time I go to her store she’s always asks me how my family and I are doing, which means she cares because she always does that. Alicia is the type of person who I’ll talk to other people outside East L.A. about because she has made this community better and made people feel more important.