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All Stephanie, all the time

Stephanie Rodriguez is a well-rounded sophomore who attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. She is 16 years old and was born and raised in East Los Angeles.

She is known for her great academic accomplishment. For example: she keeps a grade average of A’s and B’s, is always attentive to what goes on in her school’s academy and she currently taking three AP classes.

Rodriguez values good communication amongst her classmates, she believes it brings a variety of ideas let alone the fact that the job gets done.

She hopes to one day attend USC in hope to find a career in the medical field. More specifically, a Pediatrician, she has always had an interest in children’s health and well-being not to mention the great temper and personality she carries. Her interest started when her 3-year-old nephew experienced a skull fracture at 3 weeks old, since then she has been intrigued with the topic.

On her free time she enjoys playing basketball at City Terrace Park, where she and her brother practically grew up, playing basketball. She also enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Although Rodriguez’s career journey won’t be easy, she is known for pushing through and giving her all before calling quits. With that being said she gives a huge thank you to all who took the time and energy to read a little about herself.

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