East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Always full of joy

Jasmin Badajoz is a recent junior student at Esteban E. Torres High School at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. Badajoz was born a sunny, humid afternoon in February in a hospital located in Monterey Park.

One of her important accomplishments was being able to culminate from Belvedere Middle School on stage. Another accomplishment is being able to pass to eleventh grade of high school with all her credits and being able to have junior credits. A third accomplishment is being able to be mature enough and getting done what needs to get done (because in her sophomore year she was kind of slacking off). She didn’t pass her history class second semester, so she is now able to do all the work and homework for all her classes and signing up online to make up my history class.

Badajoz loves and enjoys spending time with all her and friends. She is a happy person no matter what happens to her and doesn’t care what others think about her. She is also a very strong and independent girl ever since she was a baby.

She has life goals and is trying her best to achieve them because she made her grandparents a promise and she doesn’t want to let them down.

Her current work with HS insider is adding daily post about what happens in her city.

Her future goals are to graduate high school on stage and to pass all her classes with a “C” or better. Her goal is to go to college and study to be a psychologist, to have her own car, and to own her own house so that she can help out her mom.