An immigrant striving to pursue her goals in life

Jeimy Perez is a 15-year-old junior who currently attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. Being originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, she would constantly be criticized about where she came from.

Growing up as an immigrant many people will stereotype others by saying immigrants are bad people, thieves, kidnappers, etc. She believes that not all immigrants are such bad people or whatever people tend to say nowadays, which is why she wants to prove people wrong on their beliefs about immigrants.

Coming to Los Angeles at the age of 1 a new chapter of her life began. She grew up moving from house to house, passing by the smell of dirty garbage and the delicious smell of tacos. Getting to learn another language she wasn’t quite used to speaking helped her and will help her with her future career.

She hopes to become more familiar about being able to help out with people who are immigrants themselves. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to change people’s lives. She also hopes to pursue her dreams by first completing high school and obtaining her high school diploma.

She enjoys getting to challenge herself with different things and subjects she may know she’s not good at, which led her to joining Academic Decathlon.

She is an immigrant with high expectations of herself. She has gotten a long way since the day she began school, attempting to learn how to speak English, attempting to learn how to write it, and attempting to understand what her teachers will tell her.

A lot of people doubted her, they didn’t believe that she will get a long way and would be capable of getting through school without having to fail, which she did. She knew that no matter what there was always going to be a point in life where you’re not always going to be good at something, but if you give it a try you’ll eventually get better at it.

If she isn’t studying for a test or doing homework, you’ll find her watching “Grey’s Anatomy” in her room.

She is excited in pursuing her dreams and goals and looking forward to the future.

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