East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

An open-minded student

Karina Ramirez is a high school senior who is currently enrolled at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy on the Torres campus where she is the secretary for Inner Beauty Club. The club is a place where you can be yourself without being judged and come up with ideas together.

The club strives everyone to be themselves and let their inner beauties come out without having any worries about anyone judging their opinions. Ramirez hasn’t been really involved in any activities but is now participating in HS Insider.

Most men in her family are involved in construction and because of that she wants to get involved in Civil Engineering. She gets more inspired by the pictures that her stepfather, Daniel, shows her during dinner about some of the jobs that he does. She gets amazed by how designers do the planning and how the workers just go and get the job done.

Ramirez told us that sometimes she sees her stepfather coming up with ideas on how much he will charge for a job. She also said that he kills himself working, yet still manages to support her in anything as well as her mother, Isabel, and her two siblings, April and Roxanne.

Her mother is very supportive with anything that she decides to do with her future. Ramirez said that her mother is the type of mother that lets you do what you want but there is always a limit to it. Isabel is not only a mother to her daughter, she’s also a best friend.

According to Ramirez, people doubted Isabel saying that she was not going to be able to succeed alone with her daughter but as I can tell, she did. Her daughter is on track to graduate from high school and off to college. Everything that Ramirez wants to do in her future involves her mother.

Whatever she does in her future, she will do it for her mother because she’s her main priority. Ramirez’s goal in life is to make her mother happy by being successful in life.