East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Angie’s life

On Aug. 31, 2001, Angie Lisette Cuevas was born. Cuevas is daughter of a single mother and has two older sisters who are currently attending college. She is currently 16 and goes to East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy.

One of her favorite things to do is play soccer. She has been playing soccer for about 10 years and is currently playing in a club called Baldwin Park United. She is also playing for her high school varsity team and has been playing in the team since she was a freshman. She hopes to get a scholarship for playing soccer in one of the UC’s or colleges she wants to apply to.

On Tuesday’s she has an afterschool job at a city park where she takes care of kids and helps them with their homework. On weekends she spends her time practicing soccer and going to soccer games.

When Cuevas doesn’t have games she goes to Bakersfield to spend time with her cousins.

In the summer she also works but instead of working afterschool club she works for the summer day camp.

Her favorite subjects in school are Journalism and Spanish. She hopes in the future that she gets the opportunity to get into a UC or another college and then graduate.

She lives in Monterey Park near Belvedere Park. At night she can hear the referees blowing whistles to end a soccer game. She can also hear and smell when her neighbors have a barbecue and are listening to loud music at night. Some nights she can hear her neighbors running through her backyard to run away from cops and her mother fears for her safety and calls her to sleep in her mother’s living room. On her street most of her neighbors have dogs to protect them.