East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Anthony Quinn Library, the Mexican-Born American to make it big from East L.A.

In East Los Angeles there is a library named Anthony Quinn Library. It’s in front of an old-looking warehouse.

Outside of the library on its wall there is a beautiful mural that has children’s reading books. The mural is real colorful and it takes up the whole side of the wall.

When you walk in there are pictures of books and people from the community that go to the library and work on their stuff at the library. The shelves are located neatly and there are different sections like one just for computers, and others for magazines and movies. The other sections are for you to study and another one is a play section for little kids to play with toys or read.

The staff is really nice and helpful if you need help to find a book.

Before Anthony Quinn was the library’s name, it was named Belvedere Library, which it was originally known as when it opened in 1914. In 1982, the name of the library was changed to what it is called now Anthony Quinn.

Since 1972, the library has relocated many times. It finally settled in the corner on Cesar Chavez and Hazard Avenues in East L.A.

Anthony Quinn was a Mexican-born American actor, painter and writer. It was renamed after the first Mexican American to win an Academy Award. Quinn was known for his roles in movies with his most famous role in “Island of Lost Men.”

He was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. His parents lived in Texas picking crops before moving to Los Angeles. His parents also fought in the Mexican Revolution.

He was married to Cecil B. De Mille but that was just his first marriage. He wasn’t always accepted in the Mexican community but neither in the American community. He became a citizen because that’s the only way he would at least feel he belonged.

The actor donated a large amount of collections of personal papers, scrapbooks, movie scripts and financial documents to the library. But as time passed the library was hardly visited and what he donated was just stored with no proper safeguards. But the National Endowment gave a $6,000 grant which helped with the problem of Quinn’s stuff just being stored’ they were able to archive his stuff in a safe place.

The library’s name has been going on for about 35 years.

Many people from the East L.A. community is proud that a Mexican-born American made it big and come from the East L.A. community.

Me, myself am proud too because not many people from East L.A. are able to get where he made it. Growing up I would always go and read at this library because it was in my community and it’s a really suburb library.