East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Being independent

Silvia Gonzalez is a student at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy in Esteban E. Torres High School. She’s been attending ELARA since her freshman year and is now in her junior year.

Since her freshman and sophomore year, she’s been playing for the girls’ junior varsity basketball team at Torres High School. Her position was power forward, which she was pretty good, especially her defense. She stopped playing her junior year for personal reasons but totally wishes to be back on the court.

One of her biggest accomplishments was gaining her family’s trust and being able to communicate with her parents, as it should be for other teenagers.

She is currently challenging herself by taking an AP class and working school days after school. This is a challenge for her because as she is earning money, she’s saving it for college. She is also learning and staying up late doing homework.

Another activity she wants to add to her schedule is working out. She loves to sweat and the soreness after working out. One of her accomplishments in her physical education classroom was lifting a 50-pound dumbbell weight while squatting 10 repetitions, the greatest in her class out of all girls.

She might have a busy schedule but still has chores to do when she gets home and as to cook for herself, but she still has time for her social life somehow it always fits her schedule.

She is currently part of High School Insider for a class project. She is looking forward writing about what people never expect to see or know about and teaching people what it means to have a life, meaning being adventurous looking for a good story to tell.

A goal she wants to achieve as she’s still developing to be an adult is that she wants to become an architect.