East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Belvedere Park

Throughout the United States there are numerous parks that grab a tourist’s attention. There are also parks that create memories for many people. A park that fits into both these categories is Belvedere Park, first known as Soledad Park. It was completed in 1942 and is known for its many attractions. For example, the park has many courts where games can be held, and areas for young children as well. Belvedere Park has impacted our community of East Los Angeles by providing a place where people of all age groups can simply spend their time, something I currently do. The surroundings of the park are all green spaces, with tall trees and clean paths.

There are many parks here in East Los Angeles, but this park has always stood out to me because of the number of people who visit and why they do so. One thing that makes this park unique is the skate park, which is considered one of the best in California. Normally there is almost little to no space in parks. Here, there are areas that allow young children to do physical activity by offering a variety of choices to do rather than just relying on one thing like many other parks. The area for the children to play in is full of colors like blue, red, and yellow. The park also has tennis courts for people.

Belvedere Park also helps build social connections amongst younger children since the children interact with many other children they don’t really know. The park is located next to an elementary school, allowing children to visit the park regularly with either friends or family and motivating their parents to visit the park as well. If the park was to suddenly disappear due to other construction ideas, there would be hundreds if not thousands of people who would be enraged, myself included. Something similar did occur during the 1960s when the construction of the Pomona Freeway cut through the park, dividing it into two separate segments and removing most of the park’s open space.

Belvedere Park has help me create memories that will never leave my mind. One memorable experience I’ve had in this park was when my brother and I used to race each other in our bikes and interact with other kids. The park also helps adults meet other people as well. I see this when my parents interact with other parents. The people in this park are always kind and are always willing to help you. I have personally had interactions with people in this park that  always end up putting a smile on my face.

In conclusion, Belvedere Park has not only helped people of all ages participate in physical activity, but it has also helped people create new friendships and many unforgettable experiences. To this day, my family and I still regularly visit the park. I encourage you, the reader, to do so as well. My younger brother and the other kids who attend the school next to the park just absolutely love it. This park is, and will always be, a special place for the community of East Los Angeles because of its beautiful attractions and the mood it sets on its visitors.