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Cano is what they call me

Jose Cano is a junior at East Los Angles Renaissance Academy. This year he is in leadership.

He enjoys math, science, world history and English. He enjoys playing most sports but doesn’t like watching them, and likes mobile games that challenge him. He is very competitive and doesn’t like losing.

Cano wants to grow up and be a scientist, engineer or something he enjoys doing.

He is known for really great hair. He is smart, but makes mistakes like everyone else. When he doesn’t understand something he will not give up on it but will try harder to understand it and do it till he gets it right most of the time.

His most important accomplishment was proving to his teachers that he is capable of doing things that most but not all kids can do.

He has currently gotten involved with High School Insider because he will do work later on in the year.

He is a curious student and will ask many questions until he gets just the right answers. When he is not asking questions, playing sports, or doing anything he is watching movies or playing games on his phone.

His most important accomplishment is that he hasn’t given up on life just yet.

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