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Can’t a mother nurse her baby in a public place?

Should babies have to starve instead of feeding in public places? Is it okay for a mom to take out her breast and feed her baby  at whatever time the baby need it or should she have to wait?

Society is so open minded that everything in these times is acceptable, but when it comes to a mother having to breastfeed their baby, society all of a sudden does not accept it.

According to Platypus Media, in nature there are over 4200 species of mammals on our planet that feed on their moms. It is considered to be natural because it is the rule of nature: babies nurse on their moms at whatever time and place.

If nursing is natural then why do people, men especially, make such big deals about it? It is not fair that a woman has to be looked down upon as if she was an inferior species of some kind. Women have the right to feed their babies at whatever time and place they feel is necessary.

When it comes to seeing a woman revealing her body in, say, a music video, all of a sudden it is normal. Yet if a baby in a bus starts crying for food, the mother must feed him. Although there are some people that see nursing as something nasty that shouldn’t be done.

My mother has a 7 month old baby. Yet she still has things to do and errands to run, so everywhere she goes the baby goes also. I recall on Friday afternoon  my mother was at the bank, waiting for an assistant to talk about her finances. My brother had just gotten up from his nap and he was hungry. As usual, like all babies, they cry when they are hungry.

So what did my mom have to do? What moms do best and take care of their children, she was sitting down in a chair when a man comes and sits down in front of her. My mother, unlike other moms, covers herself when nursing with a blanket, so really you can’t see anything from her. Suddenly the 30 year old man gives my mom a dirty glare and whispers, “Cant she do that somewhere else?” (Not really a whisper because I heard it and it got me pretty angry, although my mom didn’t hear it.)

For the rest of the time that we waited for a bank assistant to help us, I held a straight a look of disgust towards the man in front.  He eventually got scared or something that he ended up moving away to another chair in the other side.

The fact that a woman is looked down upon for nursing baby in public is simply unbelievable. I feel that a baby should not have to wait for his/her food. Nevertheless that a mother has to be looked down upon as if she was doing something wrong.