Captivating girl in East Los Angeles

April Jovanka Quezada is a junior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy.

She’s taking AP Spanish and U.S History. She chose the AP Spanish course to improve and perfect her Spanish as well as identifying herself with the language and implementing it into her future career. AP U.S History is also one of her academic interests as well as World History, and would like to get more involved Greek mythology.

Her future career is still being thought out on the daily. She questions herself on what she wants to become, what her interests are, what people she wants to work with and what type environment she wants to work in.

Quezada identifies herself as a generous person and is open to her close friends sharing her visions of all aspects in her life and sharing useful advice to all that interact with her.

She is unique for her distinct middle name among her teachers and schoolmates, getting constantly questioned how to pronounce “Jovanka” or what origin it has.

Looking up to the sky and captivating the beautiful sky everyday is fascinating to her. Doing this gives her a sense of positivity throughout the day. She perceives the sky as a different scene from below.

She also enjoys road trips alongside the sea and bays of water. She would like to travel to South America and outlook the landscape. As well meeting new people and the people’s way of living, culture, religion, and their ideology. She believes experiencing this will change her way of thinking in all aspects of life.

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