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Career Fair at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

On March 23, East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy held their annual Career Fair.

This Career Fair consisted of five different sessions available for students in the 11th and 12th grades. They had careers such as nurses and business owners to animators and nonprofit organizations; a variety of options in hopes to show their students the many different pathways and career options available to them.

I was able to interview some of the presenters and get an overview of their profession.

Melissa Geisler

Melissa Geisler is the Yahoo Sports director and technological operations.

“I was impressed by the students here, they seemed really engaged and friendly,” she said. “They’re a good group of kids.”

Ms. Geisler participated in this career fair as a way to help influence kids who grew up in a similar community as hers to achieve whatever they wanted. She wanted to give back and encourage kids to go against all the no’s they are told throughout their life.

She enjoys speaking to the youth, so this was an opportunity she gladly took.

Mona Clayton

Mona Clayton MSN, RN, is a part of an organization known as Nurses 2 Rock Pub. She stated that she made this organization to help build future nurses.

The Nurses 2 Rock Pub talks about the pathways and steps needed to take to become a full-fledged nurse through seminars and published books.

Ms. Clayton was raised in South Los Angeles and wanted to be able to give back to communities similar to hers.

The Nurses 2 Rock Pub is holding a seminar for anyone who is interested at the University of Phoenix Campus on April 13, from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.; specifically located at 6 Centerpointe Dr., La Palma, Calif. You may RSVP at (562) 547-1646. All are welcome for the chance to learn.

Haley Menig

Haley Menig is the director of solutions and works for digital advertisement. Haley participated in the Career Fair to introduce students to the world of advertisement.

She said that advertisement is a growing field that has a variety of options for all kinds of talent.

Ms. Menig told the students that in the beginning she never knew that the world of advertisement even existed but it was a field she was glad she got into. She wanted to be able to introduce this career to the students as one of the countless options to take into consideration when choosing a career.

Nate Eisenberg

Nate Eisenberg is in the post-production department for the well-known DreamWorks Pictures. Mr. Eisenberg had also interned at Nickelodeon and Disney before settling into DreamWorks.

Mr. Eisenberg stated that the students were all very attentive and had good questions. He even went as far as to provide his e-mail so that the students may contact him with any questions in regards to the animation field.

These were but a few of the careers that were shown to the students at the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. It was provided by the teachers, staff, and leadership as a way to open up the world to their near graduating classes.

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