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Coco: An Emotional Rollercoaster and Heartwarming movie, a review

Pixar’s “Coco,” a Fantasy/Adventure family animated film released on Nov. 22, 2017, directed by Lee and Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson have scored themselves a masterpiece. This movie has warmed the heart of millions of children and adults. “Coco” is the type of movie you can see at movie night with family and friends to share some laughs and tears.

The name of this movie comes from one of the characters Miguel’s Rivera great grandmother “Mama Coco” who is daughter of Imelda and daughter of name of father I cannot say (if any none viewers are reading) and mother of Miguel’s Abuelita.

Coco only being a1 hour and 49 minutes gives you a beautiful story about a 12-year-old boy that dreams of becoming a musician just like his idle Ernesto de la Cruz but his family does not support him for a very unfair reason. This movie is filled with color, spirit, culture and a Dia del los Muertos theme. It’s a movie about going after something impossible but possible no matter what obstacles you need to face, even your own family, and meeting new people that might surprise you.

But why must Miguel have go against his family to reach his dream? Shouldn’t family always support each other no matter what the tradition is? Well it turns out that family sometimes takes the longest to accept change, our past generation creating these tradition so that we wouldn’t forget where we came from and to change that it scares them.

We’ve seen this before in the movie The Book of Life directed by Jorge Gutierrez where again we have a family tradition that a character does not want to be part of because they want more. In “The Book of Life,” Manolo wants to be a musician but his family wants him to continue the family tradition of bullfighting but Manolo believes killing the bull is wrong.


I won’t reveal the ending of this movie but as we may know, 99.9 percent of these Disney Pixar movies have a happy ending.


You have been warned, there are minor spoilers ahead:

Finding out that Ernesto de la Cruz was “supposedly” Miguel’s great great grandfather first made the movie somewhat brighter but then BAAM!! Huge slap in the face when he betrays Miguel in the end and we find out he was a phony all along. He sure deserved to be smashed by that bell twice. But that ending though (tears tears) Mama Coco remembers (more tears) When Miguel started singing her the song “Remember me” and she wasn’t remembering I thought for sure he was gone but then she starts singing along and (waterfall of tears dripping down millions of faces). I apologize if I said too much, I just couldn’t contain myself.


To end of my review, I just wanted to go back to what I was referencing earlier because it’s very important to understand that family should come first and we should respect our family’s decisions because family is forever.

Tradition is forever as well, but having a little change won’t hurt. I think it brings family closer together and it makes good memories and stories to share with future family. Much like Miguel there are a lot of us that can relate to him, we want more than we can get and even if we need to step up and take it risk, we shouldn’t be afraid if it’s what makes us happy… If you haven’t seen movie I recommend! Sit and watch it surrounded by family and friends at movie night, you won’t regret it.