East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

How sports improved my life

I would say the thing that stands out the most about me is how chill I am even after everything I’ve experienced as a child.  I am not the type of person that likes to go out looking for problems, but rather one that enjoys having fun and making the most out of my time.

In my community, there are lots of gang violence, and it’s never interested me. Instead, I got into multiple sports and am very grateful I did so, for it has helped me mature and meet new people.

Growing up, starting my life out in Lynwood, I’ve seen plenty of gangs using weapons like guns and knives, and learned that how most don’t even live long enough past the age of 21.

Lynwood isn’t the best neighborhood, it would often smell nasty like sewage and there would be days that I wouldn’t be able to go outside and play because of it. I wanted better for myself. I want to live until I’m an old grandpa.

Growing up I did not go out much and always had to make new friends since we moved around a lot. I often played sports like football, basketball and baseball to stay away from all the negative influences.

For those who are planning future additions into the community, I believe we need more entertaining activities to do in the community. There isn’t much things to do in East Los Angeles for kids and people to do in which brings positive influences like more opportunity for people to play sports. Sports can really improve one’s life in many different ways.