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Commentary: How La Luz Del Mundo Church connects the community

El Templo La Luz Del Mundo Church was built on June 16, 1985. The history behind this temple has one name and that name is Joaquin Flores, who in 1957 made his first visit accepting the invitation of Alfonso Garcia Osorio, taking with his brothers Angel Rabandan, Francisco Mendez, Ignacio Castaneda, Samuel Joaquin, Elisa Flores, Maria Joaquin, Ana Joaquin and Andrea Coronado.

In this visit, he brought himself with his first illusion by finding men and women with a higher concept within themselves in other words and spirit of superiority synonym of sober. On the following year, on his attempt to change this region, he bumped himself with many problems and the opposition of many problems from Evangelic Ministers, who impotent answered the Strength of the Doctrine which they predicted, prohibited members to hear, reason for not being able to realize cults of admiration to God.

In some ways this landmark represents the community by bringing peace and love to the people who attend this church; many have had great experiences going to the church because as soon as they come out of Mass, they feel like they have totally experienced a whole new thing and feel better about themselves.

I remember going to La Luz for the first time and as I was going in I felt like I was in such a peaceful place because everything looked so colorful and nice. My visit was not planned because I had no idea how it was going to be like. Since I’m Catholic I felt like I shouldn’t be inside a Christian church, but it was a great experience.