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Commentary: The East L.A. celebrity who owns a motorcycle shop

The celebrity from East Los Angeles we interviewed as a group would actually rather be unknown but he is a middle-aged man. He is a celebrity because he isn’t just any person; he is the only one who owns a motorcycle shop called Moto-Tecnica in East Los Angeles.

Yes there are other people who do what he does but they only sell parts of a motorcycle. A unique attribute about him is he is passionate on what he does and many people tend to like his work and come back to him if they have some other issue with a motorcycle.

This man reflects the people from East Los Angeles because he’s a hard-working like most people from East Los Angeles. He helps others because people from East Los Angeles are working class and mostly don’t have much money to buy expensive stuff, so he helps them out with great priced motorcycles.

He didn’t really want to speak about his personal life but he did say his parents are from Mexico and he was born in California. He’s proud to be a part of the East Los Angeles community. He has lived in this community since he was about 3 years old.

He helps others in the community and for him to do that is very amazing because we don’t really see many people doing something kind and most of the people from this community appreciate him for that.

The reason this person has so much value to East Los Angeles is because he isn’t just a mechanic, he is also a teacher of motorcycle. Anything you don’t know about your bike or have a question, he’ll teach you or show you how to fix it.

Many people don’t just go to his bike shop to get their bike fixed but they also meet new people or just hang out.

If this place were anywhere else it wouldn’t be the same or the people wouldn’t be the same; the shop might not be as popular. If the workers were different people, they probably wouldn’t have the same relationship as workers right now nor the environment of the place. People come from all over L.A. to get their bike fixed.

Moto-Tecnica has been open for about 35 years. Our East Los Angeles celebrity is not the original owner of the shop but Moto-Tecnica is the only bike shop that I’ve seen in East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights.

Something we learned about our celebrity is that if you are really passionate about what you do you won’t ever hate your job and that goes for any career. Also, it’s good to give back to your community, it’s the best feeling.

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