East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

East L.A.: Not what others perceive it as

Moving to East L.A. isn’t as bad as it seems. People say that there’s tagging, cholos fighting everywhere, drinkers on the streets, and etc., but when I first moved here around eight years ago, I realized it isn’t what others say what it is. In fact, it was as quiet as my old apartment and not much of drinkers on the streets or cholos around my neighborhood. What I saw was just a plain street with everyday people going to pick their mail, going out somewhere, walking their dogs, dogs barking, and coming home after a long day of work.

Going inside my new home had no type of new home smell like cars or toys do, but it smelled like a regular house. Being in this familiar environment made me feel at ease. After a couple of months, our neighbors soon became acquainted with us and I later found out that there a bunch of neighborhood dads whom be drinking outside instead of cholos.

Finding more friends in our community made me feel safer because I know if something were to happen to us, we would all assist each other in any way possible. In such a short time, we became close and hang out with each other every Saturday doing bbq’s, and watching sports on pay per view.

Growing up I learned more of my neighbors and how different many of us were like. One neighbor was a former gang member, one is a nurse, another a firefighter, and another a business owner of a catering. Each one of them showed me a way of living through different talks with every one of them being long and helpful to me.

My neighbors’ kids and I became great friends as they were my closest friends, and help me deal with bullies at school.

Living here has been a great experience on my life now as I met so many people telling me different stories and finding so many people with a unique story in which include valuable lessons.

Moving here has been a great moment and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.