East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

East L.A’s true character

I’ve lived in East L.A. all my life. I was born in Monterey Park, but I spent my whole life in L.A. I used to live near the edge of East Los Angeles, by Commerce. I was born there, but my mom and dad moved from Commerce to East L.A. for the cheaper rent. I’ve always liked it here, and there are many like me who really like it here.I personally see myself living here in East L.A. for a while, unless I get a career or something that requires me to leave my hometown, which would make me kind of uncomfortable. There are a lot of things you can do in East Los Angeles.You can walk down the streets and visit the shops over at Whittier Boulevard, where it’s usually full of people. The Chicanos and Latinos walk by themselves or with their children, looking around at the things for sale. To me, it’s a comfortable sight. It makes me know that East L.A. isn’t what the media makes it seem like, that there are a lot of families that live here and many of them don’t want trouble.There aren’t a lot of gangs here from what I’ve seen. My favorite thing to look at, and something that makes me proud to look at is the Latino Walk of Fame.

It makes me proud to see it because it makes me remember that some famous people have come out of East L.A. It makes one think that anyone here can become really successful, and it makes me hope that these people, whoever they may be, will give back to the community where they were from. That would be great. I’ve gotten used to living in East Los Angeles. I’ve gotten used to the noise and traffic of this city, and I don’t have a problem with it. I’m oblivious to it now. The stores here aren’t the best, but you have to know that someone is running it and is working hard to sell to us Chicanos the best that they can sell. Everyone here is hard-working. Well, not everyone. That being said, East Los is really segregated. It’s mostly filled with Latinos. I got to say that it’s segregated because this is like a stop for many Latinos, due to the culture, family ties, or maybe even for the rent, even though gas prices are high here. I also got to add that I personally feel safe in this city. There was only one time when I felt unsafe, but it was an idiot on the streets, and I can’t just generalize everyone. Even the people out on the streets at night have something to do besides crime, like going home to their families or they are just going home to relax. I’ve walked around super late before and I never felt threatened or anything. Maybe I’m biased, but I do like my City of Angels.