East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

East Los Angeles dreamer

Nathalie Gordillo is a soon-to-be-senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. She is very tall and a meme master. Gordillo may also be known as Sequoia tree, a name she ironically got stuck with due to her tall nature of existing.

She has went throughout her entire school years without having to go to summer school. She has won a few awards in mathematics and has an incredible collection of luxury memes.

She was lucky enough to be scouted to be a model, but her father saw it as superficial and wanted her to study instead. To her, the world doesn’t have enough books in it. She loves to daydream and think about memes.

In her spare time you can catch her reading being very mundane. She wishes she could be living in the ’60s or ’70s so she could go to iconic concerts and listen to the screams of adoring fans and the blaring music that would one day make her deaf.

Gordillo is very excited to be working with HS Insider, she sees it as a great opportunity to be part of something greater.  She aspires to be an astronomer or writer. She loves the galaxies and the way every speck of it is embedded to make the universe.