East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

East Los Angeles Library

I was born on May 1, 1923. I am the East Los Angeles Library. I have moved four times, and I am now located on 3rd and Civic Center Way. The inside of my building is really nice and beautiful. People of all ages come to me to get information and help. My employees help children read books, and we sometimes hold readings and invite special celebrities to read books to people. We have college students that get information too. I have a secret room where we keep information like historical newspapers and magazines. 


My rooms have important meaning. For example, one displays the image of important people who have contributed to our community and have had a huge impact in our history in East L.A., and on the country. The design was inspired by Mayan culture. On the entrance floor of the building, you can see the sun and the moon dancing. Right next to them, there are murals of the celebrities.

I have helped the community in ways that will make it better. I’ve seen the community change and try to be better. I care for my people and do the best I can for them. Last Thursday, I held a meeting for a parent to teach him the importance of college, and I made sure the room was quiet. This community has been my home and I am glad to represent it. Right next to me is the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the East Los Angeles County Hall. I feel confident that we are important buildings that help improve our neighborhoods. We make sure that our community is safe and that they offer the right help to people.

During the 4th of July we hold a huge festival that brings our community together. We have hot dogs and hamburgers. It’s really beautiful at night when we see all the fireworks. Another event that we host is  the farmer market. It’s great because there’s a wide selection of fresh vegetables for local residents. Sometimes people come to me from there to cool off from the weather and enjoy some fresh air conditioning and read a book.

I show a lot of pride with my murals, and I also like to help my people. I have meetings for people who need services or assistance with certain immigration dilemmas. I also have representatives of different colleges and universities that help students get into colleges. I would never turn down a person. Knowledge is power, and with power, the people of my community can change the future.