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Eminem Still the Greatest of Our Time

Growing up, Eminem showed me that it was okay to be different — that if someone didn’t like me, it was because I stood up for something.

He showed me that you shouldn’t be scared to say or do something because you’re afraid other people wont like you for it. His music changed my life and it shaped me to be who I am today.

Some people say his music is too vulgar, but I think its because they never tried to think any other way than the way they were taught. They don’t understand what it means to “not give a f**k.” Eminem has put out many great pieces of work these past two decades, and he does it again with “Revival.”

Eminem once again stands up for the people. He shows them that he isn’t afraid to stand up against our “president.”

Before the album was released, he dropped a freestyle cypher towards Donald Trump. He talks about the racial issues and discrimination Trumps administration and campaign has brought.

All the worries about North Korea bombing us, and deportation of immigrants. He talks about how we aren’t scared of Trump and we should stand up. He brings up the twitter wars he started and how the NFL players should have the right to kneel during the national anthem.

He calls Trump a “b**ch,” and raps about how he is going to bring down the wall. He tells all his fans that are Trump supporters that they can no longer be fans if they continue to support him. In his video he gives them the bird.

“Revival” brings out a different sound of Eminem. Lots of fans said they didn’t like it, “it wasn’t the Eminem we’re used to.” People are quick to judge but they don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Eminem pulls off his greatness once again.

With the first song of the album “Walk on Water,” he talks about his anxiety of not being able to reach the level of greatness and expectations that everyone has. With his new album being dropped at the age of 45 shows everyone that Eminem still has what it takes to be the greatest.

In the album, Eminem goes after Trump in every way. He calls Trump a “Nazi” and “Adolf Hitler” and Em had every right to do so. His new album meets my expectations of what it means to be a great rapper. He stands up for our generation in the biggest way imaginable, and against the man who is causing all the problems. Like his other works, Em has a greater meaning behind them and this one is to stand against Trump.

Unlike his previous work this album is a curve ball to all his fans. This album has the most features of any of his previous works, and I loved it. Many fans say it isn’t the old Em, but it is. They just never realized. This album has showed that Eminem is still one of the greatest to be in the rap game. I just think fans have no idea what good rap music is anymore.

This new era of “mumble rap” has changed peoples perspective of what music should be and that’s why they don’t see Eminem the same way anymore.