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Equal rights for women and men

I am a feminist! Non-feminist people are always saying women can’t have equal rights as men when it comes to jobs and sports and it’s time to put an end to discriminating based on genders.

I believe women should be able to work in any type of job that a man works and women should be able to play in a guy sport because women and men should be treated equally. Many people say women are too delicate and fragile to work in constructing and many people say it’s not lady like to throw a ball around. You know what I say to that? I say well it’s not very manly like when you see a guy working in a beauty parlor and putting makeup on right? And it’s not manly like for a guy to join the cheerleading squad right? But you don’t hear a lot of people judging the men for these kinds of things only women.

I am a female and as a female I know what’s it’s like to told I can’t do certain things because I’m a girl and it triggers me because men have it so easy and women always have to work twice as hard and sometimes it doesn’t even pay off. Have you ever wondered why you don’t see a lot of female engineers or female construction workers? Because when a female applies for a job in construction, men laugh and don’t take us serious and they turn us away but when a guy wants to work in a beauty salon they say, “What’s so wrong with wanting to cut some hair and throw some glitter on it?” Well what’s so wrong with a female wanting to pick up a hammer and build something?

In the second paragraph in the Declaration of Independence starts as follows: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Notice how even in the Declaration of Independence men are only mentioned in equality and not women; this was in 1776. Women weren’t given the right to vote and work until 1920, and almost one century later, women still get treated unfairly and a majority of fon-feminists believe it’s a good thing.

Women are rising every day all around the world and as a female I am so proud of that because we get to prove all the people who doubt us wrong. I want people to understand that females can do anything we set our minds on and no one can tell us what we can and cannot do, and we are as much equal to guys as anybody else.

Shout out to my girls in the football team, and shout out to my women engineers and construction workers. At the end of the day, this world wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl because who runs the world? GIRLS!

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  • Reply Douglas Campbell November 10, 2017 at 6:42 am

    Before you go down the line of “all men are created equal”, know that “men” in that phrase is a euphemism for “mankind” — or “humans”. Note that even the word “woman” has the word “man” imbedded in it — for “man” has two meanings — that of human-kind, and that of a male.

    Women have always worked. 1920 did not mark the first year women were allowed to work — it merely marked the first year in which they were allowed to vote. The vote originally was awarded only to those who held property — not to all, but just those with property. Women who held property in many jurisdictions could vote but a man who did not hold property could not. That is the origin of the “property tax” — which only propertied people were required to pay. The vote was then extended to all men, and thence to women, giving us what we now call “universal suffrage” — although those who are considered children still cannot vote.

    You will not, if the world is right, have to prove yourself AS A WOMAN. You will merely have to prove yourself. As for girls running the world, ask those under the thumb of ISIS whether a woman has any say in their communities. And that’s why we fight.


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