East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Exercise by herself and dance to some music

Jisselle Pimentel is currently a junior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy which is located in the Esteban E. Torres High School campus. Pimentel has lived in East Los Angeles all her life but she was born in Monterey Park.

She has always wanted to be a homicide investigator in the future because she likes anything having to do with mystery and anything that contains a challenge. She hopes that in the summer she will be volunteering to be around police.

Pimentel likes to read and watch movies that contain a mystery because she finds it so interesting how people slowly start to uncover that mystery.

At her free time she likes to go out with her friends to the mall and hang out. While they’re at the mall they usually end up getting some food and as they’re ordering they start to smell all the food that’s cooking there like the salty fries, cheese melting on the meat and the milkshakes.

Pimentel and her friends also go to the movies almost every month and what attracts them there is the smell of popcorn every time they pass by.

When she is alone at her house she likes to go to her backyard and exercise by herself and dance to some music while cleaning her backyard. She also likes to listen to music that brings her memories of when she was in Mexico.

When Pimentel spends time with her family they usually go to Orange County to visit her family and close friends.

She wishes to have a successful future and to have a stress-free future too.