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Experts in the nursing field speak at the Nurses 2 Rock Pub seminar

On April 13, the Nurses 2 Rock Pub held their first seminar at the University of Phoenix in La Palma, Calif. This event held two sessions that gave information to any beginning nurses or people considering joining the career, and how to become successful in the field.

The owner of the organization, Mona Clayton, had organized the seminar with the intent to be of aid and to show people the different paths nursing can take you. I interviewed some of the panelist as to why they decided to become a part of this event.

Lori Robertson

Mrs. Robertson is a nurse practitioner, clinical director, and owner of the company Ajliss Medical Aesthetics. She was one of the panelist who spoke at the seminars.

Mrs. Robertson had participated in the event to support nurses and to show people all the exciting specialties that are worthwhile in the nursing career. She felt that considering this was the first of many seminars that it turned out to be great. She even received phenomenal feedback from some of the students attending the University of Phoenix.

Mrs. Robertson was not your stereotypical nurse who only worked in a doctor’s office, she has had the opportunity to be a medical consultant on various television programs and even was able to be a part of the show; she was a rescue specialist who rode helicopters and worked in the mountains, and now she owns the Ajilss all with her degree in nursing.

She wanted to share her 35-year journey of nursing with the attendees in hopes to show them all the exciting opportunities that nursing has to offer.

She states that “When opportunities come your way go for it, you have nothing to lose.”

Mary Denicola

Ms. Denicola is the local dean for nursing for the South L.A. University of Phoenix location. She had attended the event to support and welcome people to the world of nursing.

Having a close relationship with Clayton, Ms. Denicola states, “I attend any event Mona goes to. She has such a passion towards nursing similar to my own.”

Ms. Denicola wanted to be able to open people’s eyes to the different opportunities in nursing. She was able to converse with the nurses and people giving them ideas on what their journey in the field could be like.

When asked on her opinion of the event turn out, Ms. Denicola stated that “It exceeded my expectations. So many people came and are conversing with one another and we have had great vendor support. Lots of different schools have come to participate and I think it’s great that they did. Even though they are not our school it’s ok because I believe nurses should have plenty of options when deciding how to go about with their education in furthering their career.”

Brenda Rollins

Ms. Rollins is a nurse practitioner who was another panelist attending the event.

She hopes to inspire people into pursuing their dreams and career choices regardless of all their naysayers

Ms. Rollins hopes to mentor or guide people on their journey on becoming a nurse.

She states that the best thing about being a nurse would have to be “a provider of care.”

This event was the first of many, all with the goal of introducing the world of nursing to everyone and anyone. Clayton has also thought about holding one of these seminars in hopes to encourage young students to begin their pursuit in the career.